No 1 About Samsara

A tabletop multi-player turn-based survival card game for company training, icebreaking events, and casual occasions (PARTY!!!).

Saṃsāra(輪迴) is a Sanskrit word meaning rebirth and cyclicality of all life, matter, and existence. On a planet called Tenalpa, Human beings have become the dominant species. Their culture has evolved to form four distinct countries, but their cozy life will be smashed to pieces because of an argument between two old friends, Brahma and Mara. Mara wants to eliminate this scourge from Tenalpa, while Brahma wants to see how far Human beings can go, so they made a bet. Mara will test the Humans' limits, while Brahma will grant Humans favors. If Humans can survive a whole samsara, which is 52 weeks, then Brahma wins; otherwise, Mara wins.

No 2 Game Booklet

Game Booklet can be downloaded here: Samsara_Booklet.pdf

No 3 Pitch Deck